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Myles English and Lloyd English Jazz Guitar Players Victoria BC Canada

Lloyd English and Myles English - Jazz Guitar Duo

Lloyd English and Myles English bring a lifetime of musical experience that captures the essence of the guitar as an interpretive instrument for carefully chosen jewels in the classic song repertoire. Their pairing as a guitar duo brings a seldom heard virtuosity that is exciting and engaging, whether it be a soft ballad, a swingin' blues or a Gypsy jazz standard. This musical pairing communicates a truly unique musical experience that transforms events into memories for private gatherings, receptions, corporate events or concerts.

Their wide ranging and eclectic repertoire is always accessible, entertaining and often moving. These are seasoned career musicians whose arrangements and sensitivity leave every audience inspired and wanting more.

There are few interpretive performance artists on the Canadian music scene that command these heights of musical artisty while inviting the listener to an intimate and exciting journey of both the guitar and popular song.