Why a Jazz Guitar Duo

Myles English Jazz Guitar Player Victoria

What is a Guitar Duo and Why is it the Ideal Group for any Event

Creating Ambience

A guitar duo provides a lovely warm ambience that can be gently adjusted. The volume can go from below conversation level to performance level depending on the audience. Two guitars do not require those in attendance to watch and listen as is the case with many types of groups. Rather, the music of two guitars sets a tone that warms the environment and sets the stage for an event that includes the guests. We have found that often these guests will become an audience as the event progresses and we love that too.

Classic Recognizable Repertoire

The repertoire is recognizable and singable, meaning melodic and inviting, it is not esoteric and inaccessible. The songs are classic standards that are most recognized by a group from the ages of 30 on up, we have over one hundred tunes in our repertoire that will fill 5 hours, most of the songs are between 4 to 6 minutes in length. The songs range from classic song standards to blues, latin, gypsy, pop and more.

Small Physical Footprint

The group itself requires only a small area to setup with a simple single plug socket. The set includes two small amplifiers, two stools and two guitarists. It takes up about the same amount of room as a small grand piano. Should the event require a bigger group we can supplement with an acoustic bass player. You might keep in mind that one of our guitars is a 7 string which can play bass lines, in other words, the sound is very full with only the two guitars. Two guitarists can set up in under 30 minutes and can break down in the same amount of time. There are fewer unexpected complications and the overall choreographing of an event is much easier and much neater.

Cost and Other Considerations

A guitar duo will be less obtrusive and less expensive than a full live group with vocals and drums and PA systems. There is no need for cumbersome equipment and large amplifiers and drumkits, everything we need fits in the back of a car and provides enough sound to fill any sized room.