Jazz Guitar

Guitar and Music Education Workshops with Lloyd English and Myles English

The guitar is the most popular instrument in the world and as such provides unparalled opportunities for music and life skills education for students of all ages. Studies show that there are millions of guitar players in North America and they all continue to learn while at the same time being joined by thousands and thousands of entry level players yearly. The guitar has been the driving force of popular music for over 60 years and has been "instrumental" in the evolution of music in North America and the Western World for the past century or more.

Lloyd and Myles offer guitar workshops and classes that are unparalled in their scope. These can be held in a number of different educational environments including classes, small groups, stylistic ensembles, songwriting, jazz improv and much more, it depends on you and what your group wants to learn.

Between us we have taught over 60,000 private lessons not to mention classes and workshops and recording and a host of varied musical experiences. We can provide you with an exciting and educational event that will give you material to work on and enjoy long after we are gone, but there is more. We have shot over 1000 videos that are at My Guitar Pal dot com, this is our own resource that just keeps on giving and giving no matter what level you are at. Imagine having all your guitar related questions answered with the right answers in one place!

What is My Guitar Pal

My Guitar Pal was developed from the planning stages to be a media rich and intelligent state of the art guitar education delivery system. With over 1000 lessons with easy to navigate content along with 100 studio recorded and graded play along tracks as well as complete active chord charts, detailed lesson descriptions and much more. This is all combined with several hundred pages of printable lesson materials, customized testing, glossary of terms and much more, it all adds up to a comprehensive guitar music program that leaves no gaps and only requires you, the student to enter and enjoy and learn.

We would love to introduce you to this great resource and get to know you and your community of musicians and guitarists so why not invite us to do a workshop and show you how it all works. In the meantime why not visit and check out some free video to give you an idea of how music education is changing.